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Datura Writer’s Collective is a writing group located in the Rockridge District in Oakland, California.  The Collective was formed by a group of writers that first met eight years ago while attending classes/workshops at The Writing Salon in Berkeley California. Over that time, the Collective has maintained a core group of writers while other writers attended for extended periods, and left when their manuscripts were completed. Our ideal group would consist of eight members. 


We meet every other Tuesday from 7 pm to 9 pm (sometimes a little longer) at the home of one of the founders in Rockridge. We mainly workshop fiction, both short stories and novels (chapter submissions), we also read Memoir. We do poetry on rare occasions, but we’re not a poetry workshop group.


The goal of the Collective is simple: to help each other improve our writing skills. We offer input on elements of craft, tone, theme, voice or simply gut reactions to the work. We point out what works, assist the writer evaluate, and polish the work to a publishable level. 


We expect both readers and writers to be truthful, and honest about their opinions and comments, while maintaining the deserved respect for both the author and the work.

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